PIX Industrial Belts


We are excited to announce our PIX Industrial Belt line!  We offer a full line of V-Belts, including, classical, fractional, cogged, double/hexagon, Kevlar, classical banded, wrapped wedge, cogged wedge, variable speed, metric, automotive and micro-rib.  We have thousands of belts in stock!  Come check out our inventory, which is one of, if not the largest stock in Iowa!  Feel free to browse their website as well.

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AMEC Industry Distributor


We are now a distributor for AMEC Industry, Inc.  AMEC offers a full line of sheaves, bushings, sprockets, chain, gear and gear rack, timing pulleys, couplings and shaft collars.  Call our sales team today!!

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Interstate Battery Distributor


We are now a full-line distributor for Interstate Batteries, so let us help you with all of your battery needs.  We offer everything from “AA” to “D” batteries, as well as watch batteries, automotive batteries and all types of lift batteries.  Please call today or ask your salesman for a quote!

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