We’re a full-service organization

We started our company in 1970 to fill a void we felt in our industry: an all-inclusive approach to providing service to customers. Today we are working to meet the needs of the growing Midwest business and industry and working with customers all over the globe. Premier A&B Services is a full-service organization with diverse, innovative and unexpected capabilities. These capabilities include knowledge and experience with servicing all the products that we sell, creating custom designed PLC systems and electrical panels, designing and building custom conveyors, hoists and cranes, repairing and building motors and power washers and so much more. Along with our design and engineering work, we are also a stocking distributor of hundreds of different products and brands.

We are a stocking distributor of:

*Don’t see what you need in this list? Check out our list of Products to find out more. If we don’t stock it now, we’re not afraid to order it for you.

We not only sell and stock these products, we are also the warranty repair service center for the manufacturers. This is good for us and even better news for you; we can repair these products whether or not they’re under warranty. No repair, repurposing or design project is too big or small for us to handle—that’s the benefit of being small but mighty. We’re certified with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), meaning all motor brands and products can be serviced at our shop; we work with them so we can better serve you. Still not sure if we can give you what you need? Visit our Services page to find out.

The team at Premier A&B Services has expertise and experience in countless area including engineering, electronics, mechanical systems, computer programming, sales, marketing and customer service. Our goals are to build strong relationships with suppliers nationwide, partner with companies to provide them with custom solutions and create a one-stop shopping experience for our customers. Need a motor repaired or a custom PLC system? Get a power washer, custom soaps and cleaners or a new pair of gloves while you’re here. Premier A&B Services can handle the big stuff and also carries all the accessories to go with it.

We truly believe that if you come see us at Premier A&B Services, you’ll only have to come to one place or make one phone call to find world class products to fit all your needs, a knowledgeable staff and top-notch customer service. Our #1 goal is to meet or exceed your expectations; with over 40 years of service under our belts, we’re getting pretty good at it.