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Welcome to Premier A&B Services of Iowa. We have an all-inclusive approach to serving our customers. We can service and install everything that we sell and provide custom solutions to your construction, mechanical, engineering and manufacturing needs, all designed and built in-house. Premier A&B Services believes in helping our customers in every way we can; from custom built conveyor systems to stocked tools, parts and cleaning supplies, we want to provide solutions to every unique situation. You might be surprised at everything we offer!

At Premier A&B Services, we want you to get a one-stop shopping experience. We are a full-service company with many different facets. We are a stocking distributor of electric motors, gear boxes, pumps, contactors-starters, controls, hydraulic tools and systems, air and electric hoists, cranes and remote controls as well as air filtration equipment and custom conveyors. Not only do we sell all these products, we also service them either in our shop or in the field. Premier A&B is your full-service warranty repair service center of Iowa. After your warranty has run out, we can repair these products in our Des Moines shop or have a team come to you and do in-field service work. Over the years, we have also built strong relationships with over 100 different manufacturers and suppliers all over the country to provide the best quality products and all of the tools, parts, supplies and accessories you could imagine. If you need it, we probably sell, stock or repair it.

We are now in the Power Transmission business!  We are a full-line PT House, stocking the following items: Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Seals, Sprockets, Chain, Sheaves, Bushings, V-belts and many other items related to Power Transmission products.

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